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Misc Unsigned Bands — Blackdot - Silenced By You Chords

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Silenced by you

Em          E7sus4
Here we go, again and again 
Em             E7sus4
Lets sit down, talk this through
Em              E7sus4
Your pale face, explain the meaning
Em             E7sus4
Destroying me, you'll never get me

Here the point, were fighting again
You don't care, if I depart this life
Your covered in lies, but you don't care
Times have changed, your different

Here it comes, world war three 
Silent attack, right behind my back
Brick walls tumble, all will fall
You close in on me, This may be the end

You are my rival 
Silenced by you
My crimson blood
Spilled by your word

Written by: David Lawler