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Misc Unsigned Bands — Blueboybitesback - Yaa Chords

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ahm..ok.i2 po ang ikalawang tab q.ang una ahy ung blueboybitesback—dad.ibang acct. po i2
dahil nakalimutan q ung isa.
hahaha.i2 pong kanta ay kinapa q lng.pero sa tingn q ay tama naman,sana magustuhan neo 
ang kanta.

pedng nakadrop d po i2.para mas madali po magpower chords nlng kau.
qng may tanung po kau ahy i2 ang eadd q.acebabaran_135@yahoo.com,..

Blueboybitesback—yet another attempt

intro: G—C—G—C

The Moment has spoken, two hearts crashing
Come home tonight, we'll crawl under the covers together and
listen to each others breathing
A sensual feeling, i lend my lips for a kiss goodbye,
   A      B           C     B,C,B,C,B
No time, there is no time
you may shudder,
        B                   C    pause
you may blush but there's no time

G                       G
The plane's leaving in a blink of an eye
Embrace the memories of our broken smiles
C                  C
hello stranger, goodbye stranger
G                              G,G
Blank stares and a face in denial
embrace the memories of our broken smiles
Hello stranger, goodbye stranger

G                              G,G
Let me draw hearts on your arms
G                                      C
Listen to its melodies and it's rhymes

Back 2 chorus:
Glistening wet in the corners of her eyes
she asks "Will fate pretend that it's on our side?"

yan na po ang Yet Another Attempt ng Blueboybitesback..
hope you like it and enjoy..