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Misc Unsigned Bands — Bluecheese - My Fairytale Chords

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Song Title: My Fairytale
Artist:BlueCheese Band
Tabbed by: Franco Frias of Colegio de Sta. Monica De Angat

Hehehehe... astig tong song na toh! Grabe sarap tugtugin lalo na sa banda namin ginagaya 
toh... To Kuya Lambert and the band, You Rock!
Intro: D A G
Verse: D C9 G
Baby I'm waiting for a falling star
Then suddenly she gave me a smile
How lovely this more than I could ever see
Captivated by the way she looks
I'm freezing so damn I can't move
Oh catch me I'm falling from where I am standing

Why is this feeling so good
Im in your spell

Take me with you
If you want me to
I give want you need
Surrender all I have to give
D                     A
Tell me where should I begin
I call you my queen
And me is your beloved King...

(yung 2nd verse ganun din)