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Misc Unsigned Bands — Bluefire - Gonna Happen Chords

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intro——D, G, E, Em

 D                  G                           E
 So listen up cause heres the story of my life, if nothings gonna happen

      Em                     D                                   G
 then something's not right, cause I'm far from the edge but the closing

 becomes near.

 D                             G          E
 And I'm losing all expression up to now, cause I'll try to change but don't

      Em  D                        G
 know how and if I give up I think i'll fail and fall right down.

 C—slow                                                               D—slow
 And now somethings got to change cause their lives still remain but I guess

                                  G—strum once
 I'll sit back and learn it on my own.

You can say the lyrics are terrible if you want, cause they probably are, but i just 
something to put these chords to. The song is about mean people who mees with you cause all 
care about is themselves, but they lyrics are kinda dumb, i guess, i just though of them now.