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Misc Unsigned Bands — Blurred Vision - Lepys Revenge Tab

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This song is not actually available to the public. Me and my band (Blurred Vision) made 
song and the guitar part (Done by myself) is pretty cool sounding. Even if you don't 
a band, this is a very easy guitar tab to play by yourself.
                                    Have fun!

(Guitar Intro)
G|——3/6/8/6/3——3——x—x—x—x—x—x—x—x—————————|    (Repeat about 4 times)

(Guitar Solo)

(The Guitar Intro is played for the rest of the song after the solo)

That's it! Once again, have fun!																																																																													tf_artist = "Misc Unsigned Bands";											tf_song = "Blurred Vision — Lepys Revenge";																															         																																																																																																		var loc = document.location.toString();var def = loc.indexOf("view_on");var vote_txt = $('.cnt_rate').html();var tab_scroller;$(document).ready (function (){	$(".search_input").autocomplete();	first_link = $('#print_link').attr('href');	tab_scroller = new TabScroller();	$('#arr_scroll').bind('click', function(){		hide_scroll();	});	$('.voting').bind('mouseleave', function (){	    $('.cnt_rate').html(vote_txt);		stars_fill (5);	});	$('.fill').each(function(index) {		$(this).bind('mouseover', function(){			stars_fill(index+1);			$('.cnt_rate').html(votes_arr[index+1]);		});	});	$('#pos_relative').hover (function (){},hide_versions_area);	$('#mv').hover (show_versions_area);	$('#coms_link').bind('click', function(){ 		viewComments(878094,false,'all');		location.href='#comments';		return false;	});    $(".searchsel").click(function() {        $('.selwin').toggle();        show_menu = 0;    });	refferers(def,878094);});