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Misc Unsigned Bands — Blutengel - Singing Dead Men Chords

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Truths are in the words of angels
Am                           Bm
Let us awake the ghost inside
Follow us into the mirror
Curse the day, escape the night

Break all the chains of imagination
Am                           Bm
Don't be afraid of coming home
We'll open all the doors of secret chambers
And take you to our labyrinth down

We open our evil arms of fables
Am                           Bm
Around your pure and fragile dream
The sun went down, the night is rising
Fear pushes you forward like a storm

We'll tell you tales of endless pleasures
Am                              Bm
And put our black seed into your heart
A flower needs the sun to keep from dying
Like this we spread our wings in your heart

Oceans burst upon the rocks
Dm      Bb    Gm      Am  Bb
Laughing skulls there sing our songs
Dm        Bb           Gm       Am  Bb
Riding death above your head
Dm      Bb     Gm        Am  Bb
Descend you into eternal depth
Dm           Bb   Gm      Am  Bb
A thunder storm that calls your name
Dm          Bb         Gm        Am  Bb
Life kneels to kiss you once again
Dm              Bb        Gm   Am  Bb

repeat verse and chours as the song runs.
song ends in Dm.
in chorus, you can do a variation with Dm 
instead of doing the chord (D,F,A) 
you can add an "E" instead of "F" 
being D,E,A, to get a nice melodic 
variation with the voice.
O——————ceans burst upon the rocks.
Dm (E)—(F)