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Misc Unsigned Bands — Bob Saget - Old English Folk Song Chords

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D                                     A
There was an old farmer, who sat on a rock

Stroking his whiskers and shaking his

D                                        A
Fist at his neighbors, who sat on their wricks

Teaching their children, to player with their

D                                           A
Kite strings and marbles in the old days of yore

Along came a lady who looked like

D                                      A
A descent young lady and walked like a duck

Said she discovered, a new way to

D                                   A
Bring up the children to sew and to knit

The boys in the stables where shoveling up

D                                  A
Contents of stables left after the hunt 

The car man was feeing a nice piece of 

D                                    A
Straw from the stables, cleaning the walls

In came the dear maid to play with his

D                              A
Dog in the dairy where she did belong

If you think this is dirty well your fuckin well wrong..