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Misc Unsigned Bands — Bob Wayne - Estacata Chords

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By : Bob Wayne and the outlaw carnies
Tabbed by: countryfriedevil

D							        Bm		G
Ive been ridin eighteen wheels my whole life behind that wheel I feel at home
D						Bm	           G
Done myself a couple million miles and ive done my final load
A							     G                   Bm
I hopped a freight train on down to san antone with an old friend of mine
A					       G			     Bm
She said son I think its time you run and leave those wheels behind

D					       Bm			         G
Ended up down in texas in a rut I wish I had them eighteen wheels right now
D						       	    Bm                        G
Aint got no money and im fresh out of luck I think its time I leave this town
A						G		      Bm
I read a sign with estacata on my mind just a few more miles to go
A						          G	           Bm
Ill head out west where I can get some rest and at least ill feel at home

Solo (D,Bm,G) x2    (A,G,Bm) x2
D								Bm		G
Lookin back between the wheels and the tracks you know I aint got no regrets
D								Bm		     G
Just got some scars from them honkey tonk bars and lord knows how many deaths
A						G		       Bm
I met a girl, she wants to settle down but I don't think I know how
A					       G			      Bm
To many trials and way to many miles and I cant change right now
Bm,  G			   Bm
No I cant change right now

(again they moved the placement figure it out)