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Misc Unsigned Bands — Bomb Shelter - Dont Give Up Chords

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'Don't Give Up'
Artist: Bomb Shelter
Album: Time to Change
Release: 2007
Label: BW Records

Intro: CM, Em7 x2

CM                            Em7
       I don't have many answers

CM                           Em7  
       To the questions you seek

CM                             Em7
       Your fallin' on your face again

     There's one thing left to say


G7                        D7
Don't give up quite yet

Em7                          CM
Cause I know you can make it to the end

G7                                   D7
Just hold up       And hold on

Em7                       CM       
We're almost to the finish line of life

Interlude: G7, D7, CM, Em7

Verse 2:

CM                            Em7
       Time keeps rollin' on

CM                             Em7
      It's shoved into my face again

         CM                                Em7
And I          Can't take this any longer

I want to give in

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Interlude


CM                              Em7
         Times are getting worse

CM                       Em7
         Can't take it anymore

CM                      Em7           D7   
         But I'll keep goin' on this path

Repeat Chorus


D7                                     Em7
       Don't wanta wait up on you  


D7                           Em7    CM     
        But I'll keep on tryin' to make things work

Repeat Chorus

Interlude to Fade