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Misc Unsigned Bands — Bomb Shelter - Hold On Chords

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Intro: C, Emsus, Am, Csus x2

C                          Emsus  Am                    Csus
The Days Grow Longer  As he thinks of her   

C                     Emsus    Am                Csus
Tries to keep hold of  Their last Memory

C                 Emsus    Am                     Csus
He Sits all alone       In the darkness of all his pain

C                             Emsus                   Am                                   Csus 
Tries not to remember all of this bad Instead he takes hold of all the good

Emsus         Csus             
All of the good


C          Emsus                Am                  Csus
Hold On              Just a little bit longer its all over soon

C          Emsus                Am                      Csus
Hold On              Just for now don't keep waitin' for tomorrow

Interlude: C, Emsus, Am, Csus

(Repeats same chords throughout song till the Bridge)