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Misc Unsigned Bands — Boys2hunks - Gone Are The Days Chords

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Gone Are The Days
By: B2H

Intro: G—D—Em—C

Verse 1:
G   D       Em      C
I Have loved before.
G       D            Em           C
Some one I know, it's true for sure.
G       D             Em     C
I can't describe how I feel.
G             D                 Em    C
You think it's fast, but it's real

G            D          Em      C
Gone are the days, have passed by...
G            D          Em             C
Gone are the days, I have feelings for you...
G            D         Em       C
Gone are the days, I say I LOVE YOU...
G            D     Em           C
Gone are the days, Gone are the days.....
It's true...

Verse 2:
G            D        Em      C
You were the one who say goodbye.
G            D               Em        C
I can't balieve it, but it's hard to cry.
G            D   Em       C
Maybe I'll find, someone else.
G            D         Em       C
But I can't fight the tears anymore!!!..
(Repeat Chorus [except last line])

Am7           D          Am7
You think it's easy for me to say...

Adlib: G—D—Em—C

(Repeat Chorus [except last line])
(Repeat Chorus [higher notes]

G       D       Em    C
I have loved before...(Fading)

Message for those who will read this:
This is PiLar of Boys2Hunks(Lead guitarist) We are the band from the
Philippines...Our band is formed in the classroom. I am the one who
made this song for someone... and I hope that this tab will be seen
on the site... and those who are interested in our song...
Please e—mail us at: boys2hunks_mm@yahoo.com

Message to all B2H:
Hey! Were gonna make it!!! I hope that our band will succeed!!!
Good Luck on the test tomorrow