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Misc Unsigned Bands — Brenda Lee - Dum Dum Chords

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Dum—Dum:Brenda Lee.
Top of the charts in '61.
[D]      [G]
Dum dum, diddly dum, woh, woh 
[D]      [G]
Dum dum, diddly dum, oh, yeah 
[D]      [G]         [A]—[A7]
Dum dum, diddly dum

[A] [D]                [G]
The music's sweet, the lights are low
[D]                           [G]
They're playing a song on the radio
[D]                            [G]
Your Ma's in the kitchen, your Pa's next door
[A]                               [A7]
I wanna love you just a little bit more


[A]      [D]      [G]
Singin' ,dum dum, diddly dum, oh, yeah 
[D]      [G]
Dum dum, diddly dum
[G]          [D]      [G]           [A]—[A7]
Sing it out, dum dum, diddly dum

[D]                  [G]
Come on, baby, don't you be shy
[D]                         [G]
You know I love you, let me tell you why
[D]                   [G]
You've got a heart, I know that it's true
[A]                     [A7]
I couldn't love you any more than I do


[D]                      [G]
Ahhh, I want you with me all of the time
[D]                     [G]
Tell me you love me and you'll be mine
[D]                         [G]
There's so many things that we could do
[A]                         [A7]
So say the word and make my dreams come true


[D]      [G]
Dum dum, diddly dum, sing it out 
[D]      [G]
Dum dum, diddly dum, I can't hear you 
[D]      [G]
Dum dum, diddly dum, oh, yeah 
Dum dum...(FADE)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.