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Misc Unsigned Bands — Brenda Lee - Emotions Chords

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Emotions:Brenda Lee.
#1 in 1960.

#1.(Capo 4th fret for original.)
D         F#7
Emotions, what are you doin'?
              G                                 Gm
Oh, don't you know, don't you know you'll be my ruin?
D             D6      F#m     B7
You've got me crying, crying again...
E7                     A7        A7+5
When will you let this heartache end?

 D        F#7
Emotions, you get me upset.
G                            Gm
Why make me remember, what I want to forget?
D         D6      F#m         B7
I've been lonely, lonely, too long..
 G        A7               D   DM7 D7
Emotions, please leave me alone.

D7                          G
You worry my days..yes, you torture my nights..
E7                              A7
Never a dream..no, those dreams never turn out right.

 D             F#7
Emotions, aww, give me a break.
G                     Gm
Let me forget, that I made a mistake.
D             D6               F#m      B7
Oh, can't you see, what you're doin' to me?
 G        A7            D    DM7 D7
Emotions, please set me free.



A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.