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Misc Unsigned Bands — Brett Stowell - Fly Away With Me Chords

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Hey guys this is one of my songs. Not a known artist

*Capo 3*

Verse 1:
Can't focus, Can't think
On any other thing but you
Writing your name 

Where mine's supposed to be
     G        D
What do I do?

Bridge 1:
C                     G
Drawings of wings and halos
Surrounding your name
     C  G   D
Am I in too deep?
C (x2) 
Constantly thinking
G (x2)
Out of breath
D (x2)
My head is spinning
Grab my hand
    C       G  D
And pull me to you

                         G C D
Fly away with me my Angel
                         G C D
Fly away with me my Angel

Verse 2:
G               C             
I smile at you, you smile back
My heart is racing off the track
G                    C             D
I don't know how you do it but you do
G                  C
I'm feeling nearly ten feet tall
And I don't care how hard I fall
G                  C         D
As long as you are there to catch me

Bridge 2:
C             G
Always in and out of thought
But either or there you are
   C           G       D
My heart won't let you go
C (x2)
You're beautiful
G (x2)
You're wonderful
You're everything

You've got it all
C      G        D
I just want you to
                         G C D
Fly away with me my Angel
                         G C D
Fly away with me my Angel.......
Song not yet finished

Update soon