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Misc Unsigned Bands — Brian Josef - Crazy But Incredible Chords

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Title: Crazy But Incredible
Artist: Brian Josef

    This is the New Song of Brian Josef....Please Support this Song

*CApo 1 Fret

It's getting late, are you allright
The party ain't jumping like it
should be
We've gettin bored
Can we go somewhere else
I keep dreaming with myself
dreaming with my self
Can't forget how it felt
can't forget how it felt
as the sheets collide with you
by my side
While I'm doing you right


(Do Cp: G—G—Em—C9—D)
This is song for you
Can you feel the drumbeats
Can you getany closer, closer
Let's do it again. maybe tonight
Is it okay, is it alright to stay here
for the night

Verse 2:

I never expected you're to predictable
I can see the way you stare
You're killing me
You're killing me alright
You keep messing with my head
Messing with my head
Can't remember how it felt ut
Explain how it felt
As you turn me on
Well nothing wrong
Let make ithappen tonight

(repeat refrain)

Adlib: C9—D—Em—D

(repeat refrain)


(Do Cp: G—G—Em—C9—D)
Right here,right now
together we'll find together
we'll ride
across to something
Crazy but incredible

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