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Misc Unsigned Bands — Brooke Bentondinah Washington - Youve Got What It Takes Chords

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You've Got What It Takes:Brooke Benton
And Dinah Washington.
#5 in 1960.

NC            F
Well, now, it takes more than a robin to make the winter go.
       Bb7                       F
And it takes two lips of fire to melt away the snow.
         C7                 Bb7        C7          Bb7
Well, it takes two hearts a—cookin' to make a fire grow.
         C7                 F
And baby you've got what it takes.

NC          F
You know it takes a lot of kissin'

to make a romance sweet.
        Bb7                      F
Ooh, it takes a lot of lovin' to make my life complete.
            C7             Bb7      C7              Bb7
Mmm, and it takes a lot of woman to knock me off my feet,
          C7                 F
and baby, you've got what it takes.

Because it takes more than an effort to stay away from you.
         Bb7                      F
It'd take more than a lifetime to prove that I'll be true
       C7             Bb7        C7             Bb7
But it takes somebody special to make me say, I do.
          C7                 F
And baby, you've got what it takes.

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.