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Misc Unsigned Bands — Caleb Rowden - Made Chords

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Made— Caleb Rowden

Capo III
Intro: G — G/B — G — C

G                   G/B
Uncertainty screams at me, 
G                        C
It calls me out, it steals my peace
G                      G/B
Who am I in this crazy world,
G                     C 
What can I offer you?

 D                         C
But you said I am something more, 
 D                       C
You give me breathe to sing 

        C       G            Am       G
I was made to worship you with all my heart
        C       G                 F               
I was made to sing these songs of praise to you
    Amaj         C          G                        
To worship you, I was made (I was made)

G                            G/B
My every thought, my every breath, 
G                               C
Wants nothing more than to praise you
G                        G/B
All I have is what you give, 
G                         C
That's all I can offer you

D                            C
You give me life, you give me hope,
D               C
I know why I'm alive 


   Em            D
I was made to be willing,
   Em            D
I was made to be giving
All that I am, 
        C           G
To be lifting up your name


He (Caleb Rowden) plays this in key of Bb but with capo 3 so its playing chords in 
Key of G. Hope this is close, should be 99% right. God bless all!