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Misc Unsigned Bands — Calling Dinosaurs - Left To Get A Cab On My Own And You Took All My Money As They Actually Prayed Fo

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D2 / / / / / / D D2 / / / / / / D C / / / / / / D Dsus / / / D / / / C / / / / / / /  X2

Verse 1:

Sitting on a stool in an empty room singin songs.
C                                   Em
Back of car feels just like a bar but only to me.
The rain hits the window pain but it still has that stain when you left 
when you took my memories away.
Dm                     F
Blood turned black and blue turned gray
C                                               G
the rooster yelled to the men in black suits to take the boy away.
Five days went the dope quest arised
C                                  Em
a hurt stained tear in his mothers eye.(ahhhhhhh!)
A shattered scream you could never hear suddenly breaks through your ears 
and you notice that your gone.(They're all gone)


Will you help me?
Can you help me?
G                         Em
Why won't you help me?
Can you see me?
Can you hear me? 
G                         Em
Why can't you hear me?

Verse 2:

Am                                                                      Em
I broke you off when you said I love you I told you not to say another word.
C                                                                 Em
You took a breath, you made a scream, still feels all the same to me.
All the books said live but my mind said die the road spilt in in two and I 
took the wrong road down in life.
Dm                      F
Mommys dead now on the floor
C                           G
and daddys standing at the door.
Back seats more fun if you don't mind
C                                  Em
I'm a little tired, think you can drive
The children prayed for me when I broke down and cried. Screamed make it
                           G   Em
stop but to my suprise it got louder!(louder)Louder!(Louder)louder!(louder)

Louder!(Louder) Scream!(Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

Play Chorus 4 times and play really soft on the last part.

Good luck fatties.

P.S. I wrote this song origionally!