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Misc Unsigned Bands — Cameron C Band - Only You Can Do Tab

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this is a new band out of florida and just released thier new album cameron cameron and

                               the cameron clark band

  here is the best song i ever heard o listen to this so so many tomes a day it isnt
funny. this guitar is some of the best ive ever heard.give this a chance and try and
play....if you can because this is some sick guitar so check it out

this intro is played very fast so here it is

after the intro it goes into a drum part for like 10 seconds so you can
play this over it

after that it comes in with the lyrics and the guitar plays chords

Am Dm and it switch from those chords back toeach other in rhythem
and that is pretty much the guitar here are the lyricks

one day i saw you at the park
the sun was down and it was kinda dark
the street lights were on and i had to go home
but i stayed around and just kinda romed
waited for you but you never seemed to leave
it was so cold my shirt had no sleeves
had to to take a leak
and i thought you were coming up for a peek
but it was a cop
and he took me in
he toaught me a lesson which was that ill never win
and to stop tying causethey aint buying and i aint sighning

to chourus

will you please go out with me
i took a pee under a tree
cant you see i live you
even though you like my brother drew
and you put poo in my shoe

and that is the sad end to the hardest rockin metal song youll ever hear.
to hear this song check out their album cameron cameron and cameron