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Misc Unsigned Bands — Captain Universe And The Milky Ways - Scars Chords

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Capo 3

C                              Am
You've been running through my mind
C                         Am
But I don't want to seem unkind
C                      Am
I saw you from across the room
C                      Am
And I thought I'd come talk to you

F                   G
You're beautiful to me
C                    Am
Don't mind the marks you see
F                      Dm
They're from another life
Don't mind the scars

C                                  Am
I've been dreaming of your golden hair
C                              Am
And the way you tip toe through the air
C                         Am
Put your hand in mine and see
C                         Am
I'm not as odd as I seem to be

F                    G
And I wish you were here
C                  Am
To soothe away my fears
F               Dm
That haunt my dreams
Don't mind the scars

F                      G
I won't talk to you of love
C                       Am
It's not a feeling I wish to re—live
F                       Dm
So don't ask about that girl
Don't ask about the scars