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Misc Unsigned Bands — Carly3008 - Code Lyoko Tab

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if (Math.floor(Math.random()*3) == 0){	document.write("");}	 																																													Carly3008 — Code Lyoko Tab									by Misc Unsigned Bands tabs |											tabbed by carly3008 | 									comments (0) 																																													1																							2																							3																							4																							5																																						   								 																	 									print																																							 									send																																							 									report																																																																																																																																																																				Carly3008 — Code Lyoko Tabat 911Tabs.com																																																						 																																																																																																																																																																																												 																																																																																																																												+ to speed up (numpad)															— to slow down (numpad)															Esc to stop																												Help																																																																																																																																																																																																																				Carly3008 — Code Lyoko tab by Misc Unsigned Bands, www.Ultimate—Guitar.Com																																																																		View Carly3008 — Code Lyoko tab on your iPhone or iPod Touch																																														Listen to Carly3008 — Code Lyoko																																														Add to favourites																																																																				Difficulty: novice																																																																																			tf_artist = "Misc Unsigned Bands";											tf_song = "Carly3008 — Code Lyoko";																																																												sorry guys but i only know the chorus but it is 100% correct. this is my first tabs ever

B———————8—5—6—8—3~~~——————6—6—8———6————|   just play this over and over for the
G——————————————————————————————————————|   chorus. its pretty simple. the 865 is
D——————————————————————————————————————|   where the code lyoko part is sung and
A——————————————————————————————————————|   the rest is pretty simple. have fun!!
here are the lyrics for the chorus:
code lyoko will withstand it all
code lyoko be there when you call
code lyoko we will stand real tall
code lyoko stronger after all.

well guys tell me what you think please rate and email me at: koga1220@gmail.com																																																																													tf_artist = "Misc Unsigned Bands";											tf_song = "Carly3008 — Code Lyoko";																															         																																																																																																		var loc = document.location.toString();var def = loc.indexOf("view_on");var vote_txt = $('.cnt_rate').html();var tab_scroller;$(document).ready (function (){	$(".search_input").autocomplete();	first_link = $('#print_link').attr('href');	tab_scroller = new TabScroller();	$('#arr_scroll').bind('click', function(){		hide_scroll();	});	$('.voting').bind('mouseleave', function (){	    $('.cnt_rate').html(vote_txt);		stars_fill (0);	});	$('.fill').each(function(index) {		$(this).bind('mouseover', function(){			stars_fill(index+1);			$('.cnt_rate').html(votes_arr[index+1]);		});	});	$('#pos_relative').hover (function (){},hide_versions_area);	$('#mv').hover (show_versions_area);	$('#coms_link').bind('click', function(){ 		viewComments(955431,false,'all');		location.href='#comments';		return false;	});    $(".searchsel").click(function() {        $('.selwin').toggle();        show_menu = 0;    });	refferers(def,955431);});