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Misc Unsigned Bands — Carsinogen - More Than Tuition Chords Chords

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more than tuition

played like 
Em Em Em C C C G G G D D D
each chord above represents one strum

Em    C         G       D 
i was born in a fist of rage
slack jawed full of mange
she saw a glint in my eye
guess im not such a bad guy

we looked all around
didnt know we were home ward bound
she came through got the goods
we did all that we could

la la ala la laaaaa

i went down state
she satayed home it was fate
far away i was pissed
she was home i was missed

go to school 3 days a week
no job none none to speak 
of a day where i was happy
without eachother things are crappy

la la ala la laaaaa
she will be out of school
cruse the streets the  boys will drull
were still far away
more than tuition i will pay 

got no band got no friends
only one for me to depend
shes 300 miles away
alone in my room i sit and play
la la ala la laaaaa
la la ala la laaaaa