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Misc Unsigned Bands — Castledoor - Remember When Chords

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Artist: Castledoor
Song:  Remember When
Standard Tuning — Capo 5th Fret

Alright, Nate uses some slight variations of these chords and throws some  hammer—ons in 
so often.  I based them off of a live performance,so that's why it's different from the 
 Anyway, this is just the general idea of it anyway.

Check out the vid here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=—bYpT57REBk

Strum C for a bit

Verse 1:
C                                   C        G       C
Remember when we left our homes and moved to San Fransisco.
C                                      C             G    C
We both had our hair dyed blond, still listen to the radio.
Am                      F
You were Mr. Funny, and I was laughing loud.
C                 Am                 Am
The two of us got caught up in that cloud.
C  G  C

Verse 2:
C                                 C     G   C
Remember when we left the bay and drove to LA
C                                     C          G       C
We stopped and bought a rainbow flag, pretending we were gay.
Am                             F
We slept in every morning, and stayed up the whole night long.
C                   Am               Am
And then one day we started writing songs
C  G  C

Verse 3
C                              C       G     C
Remember when we made a CD and flew to Tennessee
C                                         C              G       C
That's when things got interesting with a cussing, and a smoking, a drink.
Am                                   F
The world started looking different, our hearts were growing cold.
C                     Am            Am
The girls we met just covered us in snow.
C  G  C

Verse 4
C                                     C             G       C
Remember when we cured our frown, and moved back to our hometown.
C                                             C         G     C
Our girls were shopping wedding gowns but the money was running out.
Am                         F
You started talking funny, but this time I didn't laugh.
C                     Am
We never thought we'd see your bags packed.
C  G  C  Am  F  C  G  C

C              F
Don't let this end.
F             C     G        C
Don't make me say, "Remember when?"

(Repeat two more times)

For the love of music.
For the love of all we've got
For the love of God
Don't let this end.