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Misc Unsigned Bands — Cave Man Cowboy - Rock N Roll Romance Chords

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 before u strum the chord hit the E string first
 then play the chord this goes for every chord in the song
        (O means open strum With no chords being played)   
i droped u off on a saturday night
brought some wine made you feel alright
G                             C  O    G              the song is played the 
then we kissed and oh it felt so right              same like how it is
                                                    shown in the begining
next weekend we went to a dance                     so just repeat the 
showed u some moves showed you how to prance        chords in the same
man i love this rock n roll romance                 order for the whole song

Brother played bassy and we made a song
dedicated to the one that i love
good thing that this night will last real long

we hang all night and every chance
i love those cute little tight red pants
man i love this rock n roll romance

i ride my bike with you behind
makes me feel good that your by my side
say were different oh they must be blind

you always say you wanna go to france
well lets just go and make it fast
man i love this rock n roll romance