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Misc Unsigned Bands — Ceann - Pretty On The Inside Chords

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Pretty on the Inside
—C,G,Am,F,C— Into X2
verse 1

C             G          Am       F                   C         
You're really nice, your great to talk to alway's got advise.

C             G            Am    F         C
You're really neat, you've got a top—shelf personality.

You make me laugh, you've got a focused career path.

You like to read, your really smart, you're even smarter than me.


You're pretty on the inside, and that better than no pretty at all.

You're pretty on the inside, to bad i'm an outside kinda pretty guy

verse 2

You're never late, you're punctual, but i can't concentrate.

Cause you're friend is hot and your really not Now half my night is shot from talkin to you.

And what would you do if i was ugly as you You'ld problay be talkin to my friend too.

Perhaps you could send a good word to your friend cause that's the sorta thing you people do


You're really sweet, on paper, you're the kinda girl i'ld like to meet.

But look at your face it's a disgrace your ass is fallin out all over the place.

May i recommend havein less hot friends who will loan you some cash to lose the mustache.

They'll make you look great in a comparative state but don't let anyone tell you.

That your not...

—chorus— X2

By Walker Johnson