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Misc Unsigned Bands — Chad Hatcher - Do It All Again Chords

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Alright, so its a pretty easy song, but chad makes it a bit more complicated
 with hammer—ons and other strumming patterns throughout the song, so it'll
 take a bit more practice to get this one. The chords go simply C, G, D, Em.

C                     G   
     Some times I see the things are right in front of me.
  And other times I got to look
at the foot steps that I took 
C                   G                D                           Em
and other times I just go with the flow and maybe we'll see how it goes,
C            G         D                    Em
some times I get confused or feel like I always lose.

C                  G
Do what we need so we can get by
Drink a little smoke a little
Em                     C
Feel alright, at the end of the
            G                    D                Em
day and we don't know why but we do it all again,

I know I'll do it all again

Outro——— C, G, D, Em

Credits to Joex, and muckatthew
Video help: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVgt08m_j3s
Chad Hatcher website: http://www.blackboxrecordings.net/chadhatcher/