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Misc Unsigned Bands — Chad Jeremy - Willow Weep For Me Chords

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Willow Weep for Me — written by Ann Ronell.
Performed by Chad and Jeremy — on the charts in 1964.

  DM7             G6  DM7             G6
1.Willow weep for me, willow weep for me,

DM7                Em              F#m                 Em—A7
Bend your branches green along the stream that runs to sea.

G6           Gm7   Em  B+ Em7     Em6 A            DM7
Listen to my plea, listen will....ow, weeeep...for me.

  DM7             G6     DM7             G6
2.Gone my lover's dream, lovely summer's dream,

DM7              Em              F#m            Em     A7
Gone and left me here to weep my tears into the stream,

G6         Gm7     Em   B+  Em7    Em6 A          DM7
Sad as I can be....hear me, will...ow, weeeep for me.

Gm             Eb       Dm                D
Whisper to the wind and say that love has sinned,

Gm               F            Eb       D7
Leave my heart a—breaking and making a moan,

Gm            Eb       Dm              D7
Murmur to the night to hide her starry light,

   Gm               F           Eb         A7
So none will see me sighing and crying all alone.

  DM7            G6    DM7         G6
2.Weeping willow tree, weeping sympathy,

DM7                Em             F#m              Em A7
Bend your branches down along the ground and cover me.

G6                Gm7
When the shadows fall,

Em    B+   Em7    Em6     A             DM7
Bend, ohh, will...ow, and weeeep... for me.

3.(Change to key of E)

E              A9    E       A
Weeping willow tree, weeping sympathy,

E                  F#m            G#m              F#m  B7
Bend your branches down along the ground and cover me.

A         A9      A
When the shadows fall,

Am7      F#m         B7             E  A9 E A9 E
Bend, oh willow, and weeeep.... for me.

A grooveyard great from Kraziekhat!