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Misc Unsigned Bands — Chapterseven - Sore Forever Youll Be In My Heart Chords

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Intro: E B/G# A/F# A B (2x)

E             B/G# 
The days are young
I wish I could remember
A                  B
The time my eyes met yours'
E            B/G#          A/F#
And my heart seems to understand 
      A                  B
What lies behind your stares
E             B/G#             A/F#
Every night I dream about your face
           A                         B
How you smiled at me and showed the way

C#m          B/G#
Each time I think of you 
    A                B B/C
I don't know what to do
C#m          B/G#
Each night I pray for you
          A                      B 
I thank God for what I've been through

E                 B/G#
I will soar in the sky so high
Driven by the winds of memories that took us by
E               B/G#    
Even though how much I cried
A/F#             A           B
I will always stay by your side
E                      B/G#
I could run through the shadows of life
A/F#               A                    B
'cause I know you are the light that shines
E        B/G#               A/F#
Hold my hand, don't break apart
          A              B        E
'cause forever you'll be in my heart

You said you're mine 
I hope this can't be over
'cause time runs out so fast
And your love can take me to the air
I will spread my wings and take you there