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Misc Unsigned Bands — Chase Sieh - Get On Out Chords

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Verse 1:
G               Em         C
Staring, at the wall, wondering
if it's true to call
G           Em 
and if you, really love me
C               C
really love me, at all
G          Em            C                              
well baby, what do I do, what do I do
what do I do with you 
G        Em            C
letting, you walk all, you walk all
D            G
all over me, and you never
Em           C   D
really seem, to, really care for me
G        Em
but baby now I'm here to say
C               D
that this love, it is not fair no

so get on out get on out
so get on out get on out
C                  D
it's not worth it, no anymore
so get on out get on out
so get on out get on out
i don't wanna see you
at my door, anymore

Verse 2:
G                      Em
sitting underneath the tree
C          D              G
wondering, if it will be, like this
Em       C
forever, but it's to bad
D                    G
that i couldn't see, that the
Em                        C
that the things you said, the things you said
they were all lies and when I 
G                 Em
when I go to bed, and see your eyes
C                     D
I realize, it's you I despise