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Misc Unsigned Bands — Chizpyaz - Missing Those Days Chords

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D              C              D   
Those days i still remember, days that 
               C     D           C
we're all together, seeing those 
           D            C—Csus    
happy faces and crying faces


Em               Bm           Em
But things live not to far to long
       Bm               Em             Bm
so as we our friendship, but till the end 
             C            Csus   
we laugh and face out each other


            D      C              G    
But still I, I'm missing those days
             D     C      G   
and missing our ways to share
D    C               G          D  
the thoughts in our minds and face 
       C           G      
our problems with smile,   i'm missing it all

Em         Bm       Em            Bm     
Hope you miss me too, i won't forget those days 
Em          Bm           C 
time will come we meet again,
             Csus              D
and again leave and soon i will 
miss those days.


D—C—G (4x)

(repeat chorus 2x)