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Misc Unsigned Bands — Chris Montez - Lets Dance Chords

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Let's Dance:Chris Montez.
Top ten in UK & USA in '62.


C                    F      C
Hey, baby, won't you take a chance?
C                F         C
won't you let me have this dance?


C        F             C
So let's dance, ohhhh, let's dance
           G                            F
oh, do the twist, the stomp, the mashed potato, too.
G                      F
any old dance that you wanna do,
          C               C
but let's dance, yeah.....let's dance.


C                  F         C
Hey, Baby, how you thrill me so,
                         F      C
hold me tight, don't you let me go. 


C                    F    C
Hey, Baby, if you're all alone,
C                   F        C
maybe you'll let me walk you home?? 


C                       F        C
Hey, Baby, think you're swinging right,
C                F           C
yes, I know that this is the night.



A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.