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Misc Unsigned Bands — Christa Black - California Sunshine Chords

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[Verse 1]
A                  E                         A                       E
I can tell you about the rain after forty days of heavy downpour
A                  E                                         A                   E
I can tell you about the clouds cause they just won't go away
 A                            E
and I think it might be just the time
       A                              E                  A
to pack my bags and take a ride with you
                  E                   A                 B
baby, we're both needing something new

                  A                                   E
Cause california sunshine's calling my name
                 A                          E
lay me by the ocean, I won't complain
don't call it a vacation
                E                  A           B
don't think I ever want to leave
                            A                            E
there's nothing like a blue sky over the bay
                            A                      E
to let you know that everything is ok, oh, 
           A                B
I just love to get away
       A             E
to california

A                                  E
It's feeling good to slow down
take the top down
let's go driving all day long
   A                               E
I'm feeling kind of crazy
                A                    E
I think maybe I'm in love
         A                             E
and I wanna turn the music up
        A                             E                     A
tip back my cup and drink it all in deep
                           E                                   A         B
cause there's no place on earth I'd rather be

 A                     E                                       B   
Take me surfing cause I've never been
take me driving down the coast again
               E                        B                             A
take me high, take me low, just take me out
                      E                             B       
Let's go dancing down the boulevard
just bring the night
I just might bring my guitar
it's not too hot
                     A                             B
it's not too cold when it's just right

A                       E                 B
I just love get away with you