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Misc Unsigned Bands — Christine Flores-cozza - Waiting For You Chords

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Waiting for You
Christine Flores—Cozza
Alcohol and Pills 

Am C G 
I'm just standing here waiting for you 
Am C G 
The sky is getting kinda gray
Am C G 
I've been on this same corner
Am C G 
I been waiting here all day now

People coming home from work now
Wonder what I'm still doing here
I'm stuck here waiting for you
I can't move until you are near 

No one sees what I see in you
I' would let you rob me blind
I suppose I should get some help now
But I'm down to my last dime

You said you would come and meet me
You said we would get a bite to eat
You would bring me what you owe me
Then we'd get a little sleep

But your not coming are you?
I feel like such a little girl
Looking out the window
When daddy never showed

Mama says go to bed, girl
That man will never come
I been waiting my whole life now
This aint very much fun