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Misc Unsigned Bands — Civil Krisis - Love Is Uncontrollable Chords

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"Love is unctonrollable" by Civil Krisis
Tuning: Standard
E—mail: Nizzle303@yahoo.com
Guitar—Acoustic/Clean verses with distorted chorus

D          Am
I told myself
     G                  D
I'll never go there again
But sometimes 
     G          D
the power consumes me
D               Am
I promised myself
I'd never take 
that road again
The way that it takes you in
Is unlike no other

D        C
G              D
Is uncontrollable
G        C
G              D
Is uncontrollable, yeah 

D            Am
It drags you in
G           D
And it is beautiful
D          Am
You get a girl whose 
G                   D
Everything in your heart

Chorus X 2