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Misc Unsigned Bands — Clay Nightingale - Eric Mcmullen Chords

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C                                     G     C
In my dreams you dont have plans for Mardi Gras
C                                    G C   
Ill pick you up on my way through Arkansas
C                                 G     C  
Man you wont believe who I met in Memphis
Its been a long time since youve seen her
             G            C
I think you might need a hint
She could turn every head when she entered the room
A woman so happy to make you look a fool
C                                G      C    
But so sad that she painted her mailbox blue
C                              G        C 
She took me to her apartment below the street
C                                  G         C
Im sure I looked nervous as she poured me a drink
C                            G      C 
And Eric, she hardly said a word to me
C                                         G          C          
She just asked if Id stay and help her decorate the tree
So I walked out on that tight rope slow as a snail
At one point I slipped and almost all her ornaments fell
C                                G    C  
But I managed to hang the clay nightingale.