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Misc Unsigned Bands — Cocu - Secret Felling Chords

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Standard Tuning
From their CD

Intro E F#m7 C#m7 A (2x)

        E            F#m7
For the boy that i meat
	  C#m7     A     
In the garden lastnight
I miss his laugh
	 F#m7	       C#m7    A          
Joke and smile that he gave to me

Intro E F#m7

	E            F#m7
For the girl that i saw
	 C#m7  	    A  
In my dreams every night
	    E	      F#m7
I think of her everytime
     C#m7     		A
And hope you feel the same

        C#M           A
But my feel never i show
	  C#M         A       B
But your voice always around me

E                    E7
I want to tell u a litte deep of secret
C#M                     A
About my feeling that you'll never needed
C#M	    B 	       A      B
But why you just don't care

"Awesome Music"