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Misc Unsigned Bands — Coits - Idiot As Fuck Chords

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This is a great new song from an underground band formed in a San Diego. They have only
a few songs, but this is definately a rock'n anthem for the ages.

Band: Coitis
Song: Idiot as fuck

Make sure to capo the 5th fret

C             G
I know a girl who's on her way to hell
Am                                               F
She's got red hair, pasty white skin, and fuck'n freckles everywhere
C                       G
She's driving me crazy, she's driving me up the wall
Am                                                    F
Wanna take her to the top of a building, and tell the cops in was an accidental


Pre Chorus
            Am  G  F
Cause she's got to know

That she's a Fuck'n idiot
Such a fuck'n idiot i wanna
Am                   F
Burn her body in the bottom of a canyon and
C                  G
piss on her ashes, fuck'n rape her sister
      Am                       F
cause she the only virgin with fuck'n VD.... Fuck'n Vd

Verse 2
C                         G                   Am             F
I hate when she licks her armpits on the dance floor
C                      G                    Am               F
I hate when she blames Bush for hurricane Katrina
C                    G                  Am                   F
Shes got a brain the size of a midgets testicle
C                 G                  Am                     F
I wanna shoot a bullet through her thick skull

Pre Chorus

Am                 C                                          G
I just want her to die hope her pale skin fries in the summer sun
oh wouldn't it be so much fun as we
Am                    C                              G
jump for joy dance around with every girl and boy as God rejects her from
the gates of heaven