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Misc Unsigned Bands — Comatose Reality - Cure Chords

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Written by Dave Scanlon 
and Erik Halvorson of 


Am          F    
She kept me from the edge
C                  G
Loving hand on my shoulder
Am          F 
Quietly she whispers
C                G
We're in this together
Am                F
From myself I am saved,
C               G
From the edge I step
Am               F
The promise you made
C                   G 
Is the promise you kept

Am                    F
Trade an eternity in heaven
C                  G
For a moment with her
Am              F 
And I wish this moment were frozen
C                  G 
So I could always hold her

Am            F
You fill the void
C            G
You make me whole.
Am                 F
An escape from a world
C                    G
that has taken it's toll
Am              F     
You melted the ice 
C               G
Around my black heart
Am           F    
You put me together
C                   G
When they tear me apart
Am                F
To me she is the cure
C        G
To my affliction
Am          F
She is the remedy
C         G
To my condition

Ending chords go: Am/F/C/G/Am/F/C/G Let G ring at the end...

These are original chords. Any questions or want to give us feedback at www.myspace.com/comatosereality