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Misc Unsigned Bands — Concept - For One More Day Chords

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Hey, I've been working on the album a lot lately and the inspiration is just flowing
from God cause I haven't been doin much to spark it).
Anyways, well I was just sittin there listening to Staind when I played a chord I 
in awhile and then this song just started to flow. So well here it is.


Bm,Asus,G5 x2


Bm          Asus       G5
  I try to pick myself up off the floor

Bm        Asus        G5
  I wanna help myself but I don't see why

Bm       Asus           G5
  I told myself I would never go back

Bm           Asus       G5
  But here I am and I'm on my knees....

I'm Prayin


  For One More Day

  What Would I do

  To see your face

  To hear your voice

  For one more day

  What would I give

  What would I do

Bm              Asus
  I just wanted you to see

Bm,Asus,G5 x2


Bm          Asus           G5
  I wanted you to find me Lyin there

Bm          Asus          G5
  I knew it would hurt to see me care

Bm         Asus        G5
  It's not what we had intended

Bm            Asus        G5
  Things just happen that way

I'm still prayin

Repeat Chorus


Bm         G       Asus
  I still care for you

Bm              G   Asus
  I won't ever stop loving you

Soft Chorus to end (temp)