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Misc Unsigned Bands — Conflicted Crash - Shotgun Girl Chords

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Hey this is neilprocks this is my first tab hope you like it

Verse 1

G       A      G     A  
She's back she's back she's pn the run
A      G   A     G   
Get back get back she's got a gun
G                         F
I thought that she was crazy
      G              A    D   A  D 
but the problem is she's mad at me

Verse 2
G      A    G    A                G
Get back get back she's on the street 
A             G                 C
She's on a rampage call the police
D                      G
i won't take this anymore 
                   C      A     D                 
i hope everyone locked their doors

G            A      G
She's my shotgun girl x4(Backup sings(i know she's mine)x1

Any comments just add me