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Misc Unsigned Bands — Connie Francis - My Happiness Chords

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MY HAPPINESS:Connie Francis.
#2 on the charts in''58.

D       D7      G 
Evening shadows make me blue,

G    A7         D      D7
When each weary day is through.

D    Cdim     Em7     A7   G   A7    D  
How I long to be with you, my  happi—ness.

A7          G                
Every day I reminisce,

G        A7      D      D7
Dreaming of your tender kiss,

D      Cdim.    Em7   A7   G   A7    D
Always thinking how I miss my  happi—ness.


    G              Em7
A million years it seems,

           D      Fdim             D
Have gone by since we shared our dreams,

          E        E7
But I'll hold you again,

             G               A7
There'll be no blue memories then.

 A7               G
Whether skies are gray or blue,

G   A7       D           D7
Any place on earth will do,

D       Cdim    Em7      A7   G  A7    D
Just as long as I'm with you, my happi—ness.

A fifties favourite from Kraziekhat.