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Misc Unsigned Bands — Connie Francis - Oh Lonesome Me Chords

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Oh, Lonesome Me:Connie Francis.
G                         D 
Everybody's goin' out and havin' fun, 
                    D7               G 
I'm just a fool for stayin' home and havin' none, 
                 G7            C     D            G 
I can't get over how he set me free, oh, lonesome me. 
  G                              D 
A bad mistake I'm makin' by just hanging' 'round, 
                     D7                G 
I know that I should have some fun and paint the town, 
                         G7                   C      
a love—sick fool that's  blind and just can't see,
D            G  
oh, lonesome me. 
  D                          A7 
I bet he's not like me, he's out and fancy free, 
flirting with the girls with all his charms. 
But I still love him so, and brother don't you know, 
                                       D     D7 
I'd welcome him  right back here in my arms. 
      G                                       D 
Well, there must be some way I can lose these lonesome blues, 
                 D7             G 
forget about the past and find..somebody new, 
                      G7              C    D            G 
I've thought of every thing from A to Zee, oh, lonesome me. 
D            G    D            G 
Oh, lonesome me.  Oh, lonesome me...

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.  

 (capo 1st)