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Misc Unsigned Bands — Connie Francis - Vacation Chords

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VACATION:Connie Francis.


  F               D        G      C      F    C
..V — A — C — A — T—I—O—N, in the summer sun.


  F                        A   
1.Put away the books we're out of school,

  Bb                            G
  the weather's warm, but we'll play it cool,

  F        D         G      C       F   C
  we're on vacation, having lots of fun.

  F               D     G      C      F   C
  V — A — C — A — TION, in the summer sun.


  C     F                        A  
2.We're gonna grab a bite at the pizza stand,

  Bb                 G           
  write love letters in the sand,

  F        D         G       C        F    C
  we're on vacation, and the world is ours.

  F               D     G     C      F
  V — A — C — A — TION, under summer stars.

  F           A
  Yeah, we're hopping in a jalopy to see a drive—in movie,

  and never look at the show,

  we're gonna hug and kiss, just like this,

                      C      C7
  and I can't wait to go—o—o—oh.


   C     F                          A
3. We're gonna 'mashed potato' to a jukebox tune,

   Bb                       G
   park your car beneath an August moon,

   F        D          G        C            F    C
   we're on vacation, 'till the start of the Fall.

   F               D     G           C      F    C 
   V — A — C — A — TION, we're gonna have a ball.


     F        D         G           C      F
ADD: We're on vacation, we're gonna have a ball (x2).

A fifties favourite from kraziekhat.