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Misc Unsigned Bands — Counterfit Sound - Going Back To Places Weve Been Tab

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were a small band trying to get going. this is a good rhythmic song and hopefully
u will hear it somehow soon!!


Ali h = lead guitar
Mark H = bass & vocals
Mat W = guitar & vocals
Jez c = drums

the song cosists of one riff just repaeted usng muting and open.oh well hear goes.....


in verse mute and rest just leave open


they've taken everything from me
they've taken everything that meant something to me
and now that everything is gone 
they took me back to places that i once belonged

pre chorus
going back to places ive been 
goin back to things we've seen x2

as this sound invades
we try to evade
for 70 days
all is lost between the waves x2

we dont have a website yet but i will update when we do!