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Misc Unsigned Bands — Crimson Addiction - Song For Someone Chords

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here's #2 of the songs by the great Denver local band, Crimson Addiction.

Intro: G Em G D G Em G

Verse 1: 
G        Em              G          D
 So many love songs have been played
G    Em      D
 All over the world
       G             Em        G              D
 About eyes like the sea and a voice like the breeze
        G         Em        G
 That belong to a beautiful girl

musical thingy: G Em G Em G Em G

verse 2: (same as verse 1)
But this song is different than all of the rest
It's ecspecialy made just for you
To explain in just the right words how I feel 
About every aspect of you

       G                      C          D
You're pretty and free and so special to me
     G             Em            G        D
That smile on your face your irresistible grace
  G                            C            D
I love when you talk, love the way that you walk
       G        Em       G
You're beautiful, simply beautiful

Verse 3:
And If you should ever leave me alone 
I'd do all I could to find you
Cause I can't stand life in this world without you
I love everythig that you do