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Misc Unsigned Bands — Curtiss Lee The Haloes - Pretty Little Angel Eyes Chords

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Pretty Little Little Angel Eyes:
Curtis Lee & the Halos. Top of the charts in '61.
Pretty little angel eyes, pretty little angel eyes, 

Pretty little angel, pretty little angel, 

Pretty little, pretty little, pretty little angel 
Ooooo—oo, pretty, pretty, pretty little angel eyes... 

D     Bm    G        A
Angel eyes, I really love you so. 
D     Bm    G          A
Angel eyes, I'll never let you go.
D         Bm        G          A     D
Because I love you, my darlin' angel eyes.
D       Bm      G                   A 
Pretty, pretty, pretty little angel eyes.
D     Bm    G          A 
Angel eyes, you are so good to me.
D    Bm  G             Bm        A 
when I'm in your arms..you be so heavenly.
D   Bm     G    Bm       G       A     D
You know I love you...my darlin' angel eyes.

I know you were sent from heaven a—bo—ove,
You rule my life with your wonderful lo—ove.
I know we'll be hap—py for e—ter—ni—ty, 
Cause I know—whoa—whoa—whoa—whoa—whoa—whoa,
    A                 A7
our love is a—really, re.....al.



A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.