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Misc Unsigned Bands — D Sigman - Cowboy Of God Chords

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D                         Am
As far as your eyes can see
C                            D
God's land in beauty and majesty
       D                      Am                   
The lowing cows announce the day
C                        D
You awake and make your way

    D                          Am
The sun is rising beginning a new
   C                        D
The days are long and the hours are few
 D                                Am
Your rugged hands and weathered face
  C                  D
You are blessed by God's grace

D                     Am
As the sun is going down
   C             D
Total darkness all around
    D                        Am
Thankful that the day has passed
      C          D
Sitting down to rest at last

   D                    Am
Weary yet fulfilled inside
        C                D
You cannot hide your gentle pride
D                       Am
All you do and all you say
    C                  D
Shows your life in every way

  D                       Am
Look around and you will see
  C                 D
How it all came to be
D                         Am
God created day through night
           C                 D
And everything that is in your site

D                            Am
He will bless your laborous ways
 C                D
All good men receive his praise