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Misc Unsigned Bands — D Sigman - Who Is Your Master Chords

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D            C                D C D
Close your eyes to what you see,
              C                D
the world is not the place to be.
G            C               D
Open your heart to what is real——
         C                D
never trust in what you feel.

Who is your master?
Who do you serve?
Where will you go?
      G                F   D
And what (pause) will you do?
D          C              D C D      
Find your way along the path,
                   C         D
pray to Him for peace not wrath.
G                   C       D
Look for what you know is true——
           C              D
they are many but we are few.

D              C               D C D
Remember how many times you cried,
                 C                   D
surrender your life to the One that died.
G                       C       D
No matter what you've tried to do——
                  C                D
the Answer was always in front of you.

D              C                 D C D
He's in your heart and in your soul,
         C                  D
that is what has made you whole.
G             C             D
Now you know what you must do——
             C                D
serve the Master who rescued you.