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Misc Unsigned Bands — Dallas Dumas - Lovely Suicide Chords

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only strum once
G Em C A
G Em C Am
now strum normaly
G Em C A6 A7 A6 A7

          G                    Em                        C
I've been sittin' here singin' playin' that old song and listenin' to the 
radio cause every things gone.
G                            Em                         C
turned down a wrong road and now the one thats gone but loves still beating 
      Am    Am7
heart pumps alone
G                        Em           D         Am           Em
wrapped up alone in your poison state satan has welcomed you home
G                             Em               C                      Am7
I know that we had our little problems but the answers dont come in a pill
     G                     Em7             D    A         E
your soft skin hits to the floorboards and says goodbye to you
    G                           Em Em7      F6         C            G
the sunlight creeps through the window as I sit at the edge of your bed
  G                   Cadd9          Em                scale*  G
I close my eyes, give you a kiss and I don't know your already dead