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Misc Unsigned Bands — Daniel Porting - Holy Sunday Chords

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D  C   C~         D   C  C~  C
Holy Sunday (x3)...In your house.          3rd time chord progression: D,C,G

D     C      C~
Here we come to Worship you
D      C       G         C          D
Here we come to be in your presence Lord
D           C     C~       C
Here we come to sing your praises
      D      C        G           G(let ring)   D C C~ C      D C G...
.....In the name of Jesus (x3)...Here I come.  (play some filler chords)

Em         C       D         Em
Worthy are you my creator my God
Em            C           C~
Come fill me with your graces.
Em         C       D         Em
Worthy are you me creator my God
Em       C     D      C
Come fill me, Come fill me.

D  C   C~                   D  C  G......Finish work with D chord picking
Holy Sunday (x3)....With YOU!    (3rd chord progression D,C,G)